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Youth Daily Spiritual Growth Tracker

To help your students keep track themselves if they are growing and progressing in God. It has been a great help to students.

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Forms, Online Resources, Other pdf Donald Ellis
small is the new BIG

Submission to God and to the authority he has placed in our lives ushers us into a place of blessing and favor. When we do not question authority, when we swallow our pride, and walk in humility; we make ourselves small, but at the same time we allow GRead More…

Humility, Submission, authority, spiritual
Lessons doc(x) Justin McGrath
YOU 1: Gender & Spiritual Identity

Looking at the world”s view in comparison to God”s view of our gender identity and our spiritual identity is sometimes skewed. The world says to identify yourself one way but the truth of the Bible says another way. This lesson talks about the challeRead More…

gender, identity, perspective, spiritual
Lessons, Other pdf YM Staff
Immortal Kombat 1

The first installment of a series dealing with spiritual warfare.

prayer, spiritual, warfare
Lessons doc(x) Wayne Francis