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A Bible for an Atheist

Based around the video of Penn Jillette receiving a Bible as a gift. This message talks about the importance of how we present ourselves when we witness and what it means to be Christ-like. Included are the message in a .doc and .pdf format along withRead More…

Atheist, Penn Jillette, Witness, bible, gift, polite
Lessons, Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Clips / Countdowns Collection, doc(x), mp4, pdf, png Anthony Roberts
Bible Study Guide

This guide includes a list of scripture references under several topics, including salvation, the oneness of God, holiness, worship, etc. Under each topic, there are several scriptures that describe what we as pentecostals believe about each subject. NRead More…

Witness, bible, scripture, study, verses
Lessons, Other pdf Tyler McBride
Raising The Standard: Truth

Witness, gospel, truth, word
Lessons doc(x) Marvin Mitchell