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Puppet Show - Repenting BY Jeralyn Hidlebuagh


Jimmy - (Comes up humming, paint brush in hand and is busy painting the side of the puppet

stage) (Sings…) This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, I’m gonna let it shine, I’m gonna let….. Oh! I didn't see you there!


Molly - Hey Jimmy! Whatya doin?


Jimmy - Hi Molly –Oh! I’ve been really, really busy. This morning I got up at 5am and repainted all of the Sunday school rooms, now I’m repainting our new puppet stage and yesterday I repainted all of my Mom’s kitchen and the day before I repainted our whole living room, and when I’m done here I’m going to repaint Pastor's entire office!


Molly - Whew! You’re making me tired just listening to you! But Jimmy What’s with all this repainting? Why on earth are you painting all this stuff for?


Jimmy - I’m getting ready for Jesus!


Molly - You’re what?


Jimmy - I’m getting ready for Jesus! Molly, apparently you have never heard of John the Baptist.


Molly - Of course I have. John the Baptist was the prophet that told everybody Jesus was coming and that they should get ready.


Jimmy - Yep that's the one. But you obviously didn't listen to the story very good Molly. He also told the people they had to do something in order to get ready for Jesus and heaven.


Molly - I think we may be thinking of different things here Jimmy. What did John the Baptist tell everyone they had to do?


Jimmy - He told them that they had to first repaint! In Matthew 3:1 - 2 it says John the baptist came and preached and told everyone that they had to repent because the kingdom of God was close. So I’m repainting everything because I want to be ready for Jesus and I want to go to heaven!


Molly - Repaint? Oh my word Jimmy! You've been killing yourself painting all week because in the bible it says we have to repaint in order to meet Jesus?


Jimmy - That's what my bible says.


Molly - I think you'd better read those scriptures again Jimmy.


Jimmy - Ok well I will prove you wrong Molly.
Matthew 3:1-2 says In those days John the baptist came, preaching in the wilderness of Judea and saying, "Repaint... er i mean, repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near."

Wait ok you got me on that one. But in Acts 2 Peter says ummm... repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus.

I know it's somewhere Molly! Let's look at Acts 17 God commands that people everywhere should..... repent.

Geez you mean to tell me I've been doing all this work for nothing?


Molly - Well, it was nice of you to help everybody and the new puppet stage looks awesome… but yes, I’m afraid that Jesus doesn’t need you to repaint anything in order to get ready for Him. John the Baptist didn’t tell everybody to repaint….. the word is repent! In order to get ready for Jesus we have to repent!!!


Jimmy - But What does that mean?


Molly - It’s when you’re so sorry for doing something bad that you stop it right away and tell Jesus you're sorry because you know it makes him sad.


Jimmy - You mean like the time I cheated on a test and I felt so bad that I asked Jesus to forgive me and I never cheated again…. Is that what it means to repent?


Molly - Yes exactly! Repent means to turn your back on bad things and stop doing something you know is wrong and say you're sorry to Jesus for doing it.


Jimmy - So why did John the Baptist tell everybody to repent in order to get ready for Jesus?


Molly - Because Jesus loves us and when we do bad things it separates us from Him and that makes Him really sad. He wants to be with us all the time.


Jimmy - I want to be like John the Baptist and help all my friends repent so they can get ready to meet Jesus too. How do I do that?


Molly - Well, first you always pray for them and next, tell them that when you turned your back on doing bad things and when you repented Jesus became your best friend!


Jimmy - Cool! Well, it looks like I won’t be needing that paintbrush down there anymore! I have to go and call Scooter and Merry. They were coming over this afternoon to help me repaint Pastor's office. Instead, I’m going to be like John the Baptist and tell them

to repent!


Molly - That's great Jimmy!


Jimmy - Umm Molly.


Molly - Yes Jimmy?


Jimmy - I'm not 100% sure I know how to repent, or how to tell my friends how to repent. Can you help me?


Molly - Of course Jimmy. Matter of fact let's all try it. Everyone repeat after me... Jesus... Please forgive me... For the things that I've done... Please take all my sins away... And make me clean again like you... Help me... To turn my bad on sin... And live a life... that makes you happy... In your name Jesus... Amen!
That's it Jimmy!


Jimmy - Wow so now I can go to heaven?


Molly - Well that's part of it Jimmy. There are two other parts you have to learn


Jimmy - Can we learn them now Molly? Huh can we??


Molly - Let's save those for the next puppet show Jimmy...


Jimmy - OK. Like I said I have to get going and call the other puppets to come over and repaint. I mean REPENT!!! Hey! Molly!

Before I go can we have the kids practice the word REPENT again?!


Molly - Sure! OK Kids everybody stand up and face the door. When I say three, everybody jump up, turnaround and yell REPENT! Ready? 1..2..3..REPENT! Good job kids!! Bye!!! We will see you at the next show to learn about the next step to get to heaven!!!

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