Resource: Reverse caption scavenger hunt

Reverse caption scavenger hunt

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Ages: All
Gender: Both

1. Obey all speed limit and traffic laws
2. All but one person in your group must be in every picture.
3. You may not use the computer or Internet in any of your photos.
4. Return on time! You will be heavily penalized for every minute that you are late.

The Objective: Take photos that illustrate the following statements. Bonus points will be awarded for creativity!

The Captions:

“Surely THIS could only mean one thing… Harry Potter has been here.”
“It was pretty obvious to onlookers that this was going to end poorly.”
“This could be (favorite youth leader)’s twin brother!”
“The Christmas deocration police are on their way.”
“Experts are recommending (favorite youth group snack) for added health benefit.”
“I wish my mom would buy me new undies for camp!”
“The breakfast of champions”
“My dream job… clearly!”
“Illgeal in fourteen states”
“Do you think the dog is really happy about this?”
“We need one of these in the Youth Room!”
“This scene could have been taken out of a Disney film!”
“This is what (favorite youth leader) dreams of.”
“This could be a new (insert church name) sport!”
“This is why Snuggies could be a bad idea.”
“This is what Jesus would do if He were walkin in (name town) in 2010.”
“Maybe we could use this for a new Youth Group mascot!”
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