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Creating a Social Media Strategy – TCM16 Notes

Speaking notes from TCM16 Workshop.

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Keynote, jpg, pdf Derek Borders

A lesson starting with the history of Instagram. Then moving to the number #1 picture used on Instagram…"Selfies". Taking a deeper look how as Christians we can take a "selfie" and show only what we want to. We are in complete conRead More…

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Lessons doc(x) Jon Jury
SFC "Be" Social Icon Set

This Social Icon set includes a psd file and png files for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube & Vimeo. These can be used for SFC “BE” flyers, media, postcards etc..

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Other, Promotional Ads, Stock Images Collection, png, psd Ron Hinkle
#nofilter – The Gospel According to Instagram

Jesus just might use the fastest growing social media site to teach to your students if you gave him the chance. #heusedfish #heusedfarmers #hewantstouseyou Instagram has exploded onto the social media scene, and why not? It’s all about pictures. WeâRead More…

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Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, png, psd Jason Ouellette
Photoshop Basics – Filters & Effects – Video Tutorial

When we created the idea of 7 Minute Fix, it happened with the start of an idea. A simple idea. A 7 minute video that could help anyone fix their problem or help their design project along. The idea quickly grew into this website with blogs and resourcRead More…

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Lessons, Stock Images URL Kris Prince
Social Media Branding – Photoshop Tutorial

7 Minute Fix is back with another tutorial, this time on how to make all of your social media pages match!

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Lessons, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Kris Prince
Social Media Template (FIXED)

Now we’re giving you a way to create images for ALL of the social media websites, so that they all match. Put simply, this .zip includes five files for you to download (for FREE through The Commune-ity) that help you create images that perfectly fit thRead More…

Facebook, Social Media, Twitter, YouTube, android, apple, galaxy, htc, instagram, iphone, one, samsung
Lessons Collection, jpg Kris Prince