Resource: Photoshop Basics – Filters & Effects – Video Tutorial

Photoshop Basics – Filters & Effects – Video Tutorial

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When we created the idea of 7 Minute Fix, it happened with the start of an idea. A simple idea. A 7 minute video that could help anyone fix their problem or help their design project along. The idea quickly grew into this website with blogs and resources as well as the video tutorials that gave us the idea. And now that brings us to now: Season 2 of Video Tutorials.

Were going to kick this off with a 4 part series of videos focusing on Photoshop Basics. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used programs of student pastors, besides whatever program is used to write our messages. Ideas are grown into images and with typography, they become sermon and series graphics. Thus the need for Photoshop Basics. Make sure to see the last episode before going any further.

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