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Creating a Social Media Strategy – TCM16 Notes

Speaking notes from TCM16 Workshop.

Facebook, Media, Social Media, Twitter, instagram, snapchat, social, strategy
Keynote, jpg, pdf Derek Borders
WHEN – Matthew 6

Three lessons from Matthew 6. Jesus teaches about “When You Pray”, “When You Fast” and “When You Give”. There are three vital areas of our spiritual lives and prayer, fasting & giving are their primary activities. We look up in prayer, we search inRead More…

Giving, fasting, matthew 6, prayer, sermon on the mount
Lessons Collection, Keynote, PowerPoint, pdf Adam Solorio
More Than A Kiss

A single lesson dealing with our long term relationship with Christ. Based on the story of Ruth and Naomi. Contains lesson, main graphic, Powerpoint (Keynote is available for those that are interested) video clip, song suggestion, skit.

Drama / Skits, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Clips / Countdowns Collection, Keynote, PowerPoint, jpg, mov Nate Roemer
Real God, Real Growth

Included in this file are two lessons on what we need to do in order to produce Real Growth with God. Prayer and Bible reading are the two lessons. However, another topic I planned on introducing was fasting. I’m sure that you can find more that fits iRead More…

bible, growth, prayer
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, Keynote, pages Derrick Knight
Tis the Season SLIDESHOW

This lesson will aid students in discovering the real meaning of Christmas through engaging them in a fun and relevant discussion. TIP: embed the youtube clip into the slideshow to make the presentation seamless.

christmas, discussion, lesson, teens, youth
Lessons Keynote, PowerPoint Daniel Phillips
Unexpected Christmas – Series

God does extraordinary things through ordinary people. In this series we will examine the Christmas story and see how God used ordinary people as main characters in the greatest story every told. To the world this was unexpected.

Graphics, Lessons, christmas, series
Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Seasonal Collection, Keynote, PowerPoint, jpg, pages, pdf, psd Brandon Shanks