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There is a Name

Throughout time, many have risen to Creations stage to present their name as being preeminent, however, none has ever backed up the claim with signs and wonders leaving the audience of creation itself in awe… but the man, Christ Jesus. The Greatest mRead More…

Jesus, Name of Jesus, authority, love, peace, strength
Lessons doc(x) Bruce Thomas
Blessed in the Night

Pain is associated with debilitating injuries which change the remainder of an individuals life, likewise, with the muscular and cardio development of an individual in their quest for strength and endurance. Pain is the door which leads to both death aRead More…

Blessing, Comfort, Pain, Stability, strength
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Characteristics of the Conie

The Conie is a small animal only mentioned twice in the Bible, but it can teach us some valuable lessons about staying close the Rock.

Conie, strength, the Rock, weakness
Lessons pdf Nate Smith
God’s Got a Weakness

Weakness…what a subject. Is there anyone out there in reader-land that relishes in weakness? What with all the self-hype books and ego addictions that are consistently maintained as “necessary for success” how could we possibly have the awarenessRead More…

grace, strength, weakness
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Four How To’s of How to Be an Effective Runner

Running is a tough thing to do for some. But there are key issues attached to being an effective runner. This lesson talks about four keys to running (Strength, Stamina, Psychology & Baggage).

encouragement, running, strength
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Addicts Anonymous

addicted, passion, prayer, strength
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