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A Selah Moment

Thomas Edison’s greatest place of success was his greatest place of chaos. The same was true with David. David experienced “A Selah Moment.” He chose to stop, pause, look beyond his circumstances, and reflect upon the goodness of God. He also learned tRead More…

Bad Times, Chaos, David, Good Times, Hezekiah, Jesus, Moses, Praise, Selah, Thomas Edison, psalms, success, worship
Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf, png Jeremy Gove
Bookends: Setting up your day for success

Our students live in a fast paced, hectic world that often doesn’t have a ton of order or focus. Our students also live in a culture that has set very low expectations for them, they’re conditioned to be undisciplined with their time and resources. ThiRead More…

Discipline, focus, order, setting up your life, success
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Success Defined

A blog on Success

Other doc(x) Michael Nutter
The Revolutionary Communicator

Essentially these two brains dissect the communication style of Jesus Christ through secular eyes and principles. The chapters the authors cover are as follows: ATTENTIVENESS, CONNECTIONS, QUESTIONS, AUTHENTICITY, STORYTELLING, SOLITUDE, and SUCCESS. WRead More…

attentiveness, communication, connection, preaching, storytelling, success, teaching
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The Secret to Success

Success is pleasing God through salvation.

salvation, success
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler
Live Strong: Lesson 9 – Navigate

direction, failure, navigation, success
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Live Strong: Lesson 5 – Success

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