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Marriage Lab Session Notes from #TCM16

Lesson notes from Marriage Lab Session #3 from August 5, 2016 TCM.

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Friends And Your Future

Lesson on friendship and the importance of having the right kinds of friends. Includes recent stats on friendships in the US. Touches on Adam and Eve and relationships based on Genesis 2. Emphasizes that we are the Bride, defined by relationship, and tRead More…

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Youth Community Service Projects

Our church is greatly involved in community service. Our outreach program is called Community Connection. This document is just a review of what we do and a little testimony as to what it has done for our church.

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Walmart Facility Giving Program Grant

This is a revision of the Walmart Grant. It is a chance for your church to receive a grant from WalMart for doing good in your community!

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Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Zachary Priddy
Catalyst Groupzine, Volume 2

The book was a fascinating read and I would (without hesitation) recommend it to anyone interested in reading tough words about tough people in today’s tough world.

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Other doc(x) YM Staff

Do you remember that wanna-vomit feeling you sometimes got when you looked in the mirror during those awful Jr. High years? I seem to remember that almost every time I turned my attention to the looking glass, a feeling of horror and shame would over tRead More…

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