Resource: Be a Leader Now!

Be a Leader Now!

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Be a Leader Now!

Be a Leader Now!

This lesson intends to show students that they can be leaders right where they are! So many times, students set up imaginary things that have to be met before they can do anything for God or lead people to Him, but God intends that they lead right where they are.

This lesson combines scriptural concepts and some content from John Maxwell’s book “The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization”


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  1. Santino Simental says:

    I taught this lesson last week in my High School class. I loved it! Great points. It definitely spoke to the young leaders I am trying to develop. Thanks!

  2. Jason Forrest says:

    I am having issues downloading this. When i down load it and then double click on the down load. i receive a message that states

    The open xml role be a leader now can not be opened because there are problems with the content on the file. name might contain invalid characters

    no error detail available and has me click ok.

    we are revamping our youth program and the older teens are going to be utilized in helping the younger youth and I think that this would be beneficial .

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