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The Unlikeliest of Witnesses

Silence. At the crucifixion, it was the unlikeliest of witnesses. Jesus’ consistency in His silence is a teaching moment for our lives. One of the things that we find as we trace through the timeline of the crucifixion is that Jesus is brought before pRead More…

consistency, crucifixion, integrity
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Lets Be Honest

A 5-Week Series on Biblical honesty. Emphasizes the Biblical concepts of Accuracy, Integrity, Credibility, and Faithfulness. First lesson is an introduction/overview that teaches that we are to be imitators of God. Series illustrates the Hebrew idea ofRead More…

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Accountability=Integrity Small Groups

Small Groups session on how accountability helps assist in the integrity of student life.

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How to be a man of God

integrity, leadership, manhood, men
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Catalyst Groupzine, Volume 2

The book was a fascinating read and I would (without hesitation) recommend it to anyone interested in reading tough words about tough people in today’s tough world.

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