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Drama Skit All Nations Sunday 2019
Theme: Outreach/Evangelism “ANSWER THE CALL”


There was once a very rich man who possesses great material wealth. He owns a successful company that made him wealthy. He’s tall, handsome, and he loves to wear expensive clothing. He lives in a big mansion and has a collection of luxury cars. He owns different smartphones and gadgets for personal use. He has every material things that you could think of making his lifestyle comfortable and luxurious. And because of his wealthy status, he became well-known among the town. He has bodyguards and personal assistants who keep him company wherever he goes. The rich man mostly travels to meet rich friends around the country to attend social gatherings however, he often brags and showoff of how rich he is, telling people that his wealth would never run out and that with money, he can buy everything. He would throw feasts every day until midnight to impress his rich friends. The banquet table was filled with delicious foods, drinks, and giveaways. He would cover all expenses out from his pocket that he never bothered thinking about what consequences it may bring if he were to lose his wealth one day. All he cared about was his reputation to be the most popular rich man in the country and surpass everyone.

Little did they know that after every party ended, when the bodyguards and assistants had gone to bed, the guests had left, and the lights had gone out, the rich man sits quietly in his bedroom and starts to feel lonely. It seems like he has everything he needed, he can easily buy his friends and buy anything but deep down in his heart, there was an emptiness that lies within. Tears fell upon his face as he started to cry. He couldn’t understand what seems to be the problem when everything he needed and wanted can be bought. He takes a good look at his money and his material possessions yet he had gone tired of them. It seems that sadness and loneliness crept in that he couldn’t find himself to go to sleep. The cycles of feasts continued for
another week or so as the rich man felt discontented, unhappy, and broken in his spirit. Suddenly, his personal assistants began to notice their master is not doing well. The rich man looked anxious and irritable these past few days, he lost his appetite eating his favorite dishes, his body temperature went up and started to shiver, he developed a stuffy nose and started coughing uncontrollably. His bodyguards decided to bring their master to the doctor to cure his sickness.
Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctor immediately takes a look at the rich man’s medical history which showed clear results of his medical tests within the past six months, however, the doctor wanted to conduct a new set of tests to determine a medical diagnosis. The doctor also noticed small spots of rashes on his arms and took out a blood sample from the rich man to find out what may be the cause of his ailing health. He was given temporary medication and was advised to be confined to an isolated room in the hospital while waiting for the medical results. Twenty-four hours later, the doctor went into the rich man’s room to reveal the diagnosis. The rich man felt very weak but he wanted to know what the doctor has to say. Unfortunately, the doctor diagnosed him with a contagious disease caused by a deadly bacteria that is incurable and not only that, chances are, he would only survive within the next three to seven days. People are not allowed to touch him or be near him to prevent themselves from being infected. The rich man was truly devastated upon hearing those words. He started to cry out to the doctor and offered all his riches and money so that he could live longer but the doctor shook her head saying that there’s nothing she can do. His bodyguards and personal assistants slowly retreat and left the room. He tried calling his so-called friends on the phone but nobody dared to visit him. He suddenly realized that his riches cannot prolong his life and that his life was more precious than all the material things of this world. He sobs into tears.

As the rich man continued to cry on his deathbed, he realized that he has nobody to run to and everybody already left him hanging. He felt so weak that he had lost hope as he turned to his bedside table and found the bible. He held the bible in his hands and prayed in his head, “Lord please forgive me for everything. I need you now, please give me strength.” He humbled himself to the Lord that after saying a prayer, two strangers knocked at the door and introduced themselves as missionaries. They both felt in the spirit the rich man’s extreme need of prayer as they laid their hands upon him and said a word of prayer. “Lord Jesus, we lift up to you this man that you would perform a miracle of healing upon his life. In Jesus Name. Amen” And immediately, the three of them felt the presence of God as they continued to pray fervently. A few minutes later, the rich man gained his strength, his fever went down, and the rashes had subsided as he jumped out of joy. The doctor went back to check up on him but she was amazed to see that the bedridden patient is alive and well. The rich man was very grateful to the Lord because, during His darkest moments, the Lord saw his tears and performed miraculous healings as he experienced the power of Jesus while the two missionaries took the opportunity to share the word of God of how Jesus came to save us sinners
and how important it is to be born again in water and in spirit. And instantly, the rich man decided to be baptized in Jesus Name.

This story reflects that now is the time for us to reach out to others. You are here today because of someone’s burden. They had that inner desire in their hearts to reach the lost and now, the time has come for us to do the same. Let’s not miss out on the opportunity to share the word of God and be the light to the people around us. We need to have the passion and dedication to be available in the ministry. Just like in this story where two missionaries made themselves available to pray for someone who was lost and needed to find his way back to Jesus. Imagine we encounter similar people daily. Some of them are smiling physically but emotionally hurting and suffering, some needs direction in their lives while some are bedridden in their hospital beds, some are locked up in jails longing for their freedom, and others are battling addictions and unforeseen circumstances we don’t know of but God knows their needs. And by the grace of God, we can inspire these people through our life-changing testimonies of how God brought us out from the troubles of life and we can encourage them spiritually by praying for their needs and let God touch their hearts and do the rest. We are not just meant to be hearers of the word only rather we must also be doers of the word. We must have the burden to reach the lost within our families, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers and so on. The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few. Are you willing to answer the call of God in your life? Don’t just sit and wait for souls to come rather go out there and be a witness today and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the vine and we are the branches! We always ought to pray and have faith but remember to also be fruitful in winning souls for Christ.

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