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Preaching With Props

A practical guide to enhancing your sermons with visual aids

Lessons, Online Resources pdf David Morehead
The Increase of Pressure

A message that brings to light a different perspective of the pressures we face as Christians, no matter the age or position in the church.

Pressure, Tests, temptation, trials
Lessons txt Kory Lary

Rev. Nathan Cox came and talked to us during our Chapel service this past Wednesday, so I thought I would share with you. Be blessed!

Lessons, Testimonials, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Johnny Martinez
What is in Your Hand

This is a short message on using the power God has given us. The Lord asked Joshua, What’s in Your Hand? Moses said a rod, God said no you missed it, he said throw down the rod, God used the rod to show Moses that he had power through God. We have so mRead More…

Lessons Collection, jpg, pdf Jared Davis
Sins, Temptation and Control

An Excellent lesson on Sin and Temptation and how to overcome. Also Talks about How Satan desires control in your life but you can be victorious.

Lessons doc(x) Benji Marshall
A Bible for an Atheist

Based around the video of Penn Jillette receiving a Bible as a gift. This message talks about the importance of how we present ourselves when we witness and what it means to be Christ-like. Included are the message in a .doc and .pdf format along withRead More…

Atheist, Penn Jillette, Witness, bible, gift, polite
Lessons, Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Clips / Countdowns Collection, doc(x), mp4, pdf, png Anthony Roberts
Be Still & Know

A short lesson on Faith & Patience.

Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, doc(x), jpg, pages, pdf Jason Avant
A Blind Ambition

A message I taught last year to the entire youth age.

Lessons pdf Mike Maze
CORE Bible Studies

Collection of Bible study lessons I made about 4 years back. My goal was to eventually cover all parts of salvation but I didn’t quite make it all the way.

bible study, fill in the blank
Lessons Collection, zip Ryan Wing
The Tale of Two Kings

This lesson details the lives of two kings: Saul & David. Very basic. Saul was a man of rebellion while David was a man of repentance. Both sinners. Both made huge mistakes. However, the difference was in their attitude. Attitude is everything. ZIPRead More…

Lessons jpg, pdf Jason Avant
This Year is Over, Get Over it!!

This is a lesson/sermon on taken out of Josh 1:1 where God comes to Joshua and says look Moses is dead get over and go forward. The theme of the message is not to let disappointments of 2012 effect 2013’s victories. Point # 1 is Don’t let last years miRead More…

Lessons doc(x) Jared Davis


Lessons doc(x) Michael Deville
Free Refills

Message about spiritual dehydration, it’s symptoms and consequences, and the solution. Jesus is the God of free refills, he is a well that never runs dry.

Lessons doc(x) Chad Mirandy
Dont Become A Production

a short lesson/sermon on being real with God and forming a relationship with him

real, relationship, truth
Lessons doc(x) Billy Armstrong

A sermon on relationships

Lessons doc(x) Billy Armstrong
Forged in the Fire

A lesson I have taught for senior and young adults class.

caveman, fire, popsicle, water
Lessons pdf Mike Maze
Chaotic Christmas

The first Christmas wasn’t pretty and domesticated, it was scary and chaotic for most of the characters. But out of all this chaos came the Saviour! This is a two week series and included are notes in Pages and PDF along with JPEG’s of the scripture slRead More…

Christmas series, christmas, holiday, series
Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, pdf Adam Shaw
Multiple Video Feed Editing – Adobe Premiere Tutorial

This is a quick and simple Adobe Premiere Tutorial on creating a video with two separate video feeds. The video is a project on Foundational Leadership that we are working with Carl McLaughlin to produce. We will post links when it is available.The feeRead More…

Lessons, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Kris Prince
The Network: A series on relationships

Exploring a biblical perspective on relationships with people, culture and the church when Jesus is at the center. This series uses Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as examples/metaphors of different types of relationships. Series is four lessons long.Read More…

Facebook, Media, Twitter, four weeks, friends, friendships, pinterest, pop culture, relationships, series, the network
Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, pdf Adam Shaw
Why Me

Different Format From the Other Sermon. Sometimes we go through storms and trials and blame the devil when really its God testing our Faith.

Faith, Storms, Trial
Lessons doc(x) Billy Armstrong
Why Me?

Sometimes we go through storms and trials and blame the devil when really it’s God testing our faith.

Lessons txt Billy Armstrong
Avengers Series

This is a 6 week series using the Avengers. There are only 5 lessons, but it is a 6 week lesson plan. wk 1 is The Hulk, wk 2 Ironman, wk 3 Thor, wk 4 Hawkeye, and wk 5 Blackwidow. We had an elder in our church come and speak to the youth on wk 6 whichRead More…

Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg Aaron Holloway

A 2 lesson series on taking time out for God.

God, scripture memorization, time
Lessons Collection, doc(x) Shawn Murdock
A Fly in the Ointment

A sermon geared toward youth regarding the importance of the anointing God has placed in their life and the fact that sin whether big or small plays a huge role in how affective their anointing can be in todays generation. Preached at Youth ConferenceRead More…

Sin, anointing, sermon
Lessons doc(x) Stephen Barker
You Need A Twitter Account – Twitter Tutorial

The Seven Minute Fix is back again, this time showing you how to set up a Twitter account for your student ministry. If you don’t think that you need a Twitter account, go to to read about why you DO.

Lessons, Online Resources, Other, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Kris Prince