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Gods Big Story

A 4 week series on the creation. We had a lot of JR High kids come into the group this year so we went back to basics and it was a huge hit even with our veterans.

Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf Shawn Murdock
Youth Announcement Video – Sony Vegas Tutorial

In this episode of the Seven Minute Fix, we show you how to create your very own Youth Announement video for your youth service or Facebook/YouTube. This episode we use Sony Vegas, a Windows only program. The foloowing two episodes will show how to creRead More…

Lessons, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Kris Prince
Blame on the Alcohol

Awesome powerpoint presentation on the dangers of alcohol and how to avoid it. Slides accompanied by notes for lesson.30 minutes lesson.

Lessons PowerPoint Philip DiNello
October 2012 Inspire Conference Call

For the Best Youth Workers by the Best Youth Workers! This month we are featuring: Michael Guerra, Florida; Adam Shaw, Hamilton, Ontario; Fresh Ideas, Inspire Revival, Instill Passion!!!! Follow Inspire on Twitter: @InspireSMCall ~ #inspireSM

Audio, Inspire, Small Groups, conference calls, discipleship, events, family, groups, growth, mp3, planning, theCommune-ity, time, youth
Call Podcast, Lessons mp3 Trav Worthington
Service Promo Slide – Photoshop Tutorial

The Seven Minute Fix is back with another Photoshop tutorial, this time for a youth/children’s promo for a announcement slide.

Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Kris Prince
Paranormal Activity "The Darkness Revealed"

(.rar/zip file complete with graphics and lesson) A 1 part lesson on the realness of spirits and how society makes it almost fake and fiction when in truth it’s very real and I exposed the darkness that Satan uses such movies/music to enter into our liRead More…

Darkness, Halloween, Movies, Paranormal Activity, music, spirits
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf, png, psd Ron Hinkle

A two week series about putting our faith in action. Included are the raw, unedited notes (mistakes and all). Also, you’ll find a basic logo graphic an outline of service with activities that we used. Because these are the unedited notes you may find gRead More…

Faith, FaithUP, Five, Sight, Smell, Touch, Up, hearing, senses, taste
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, pages, pdf, psd Derek Borders
Service Presentation PowerPoint Tutorial

It’s time for another Seven Minute Fix and this time it’s how to run a service presentation with good ole PowerPoint. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions!

presentation, tutorial
Lessons, Online Resources, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Kris Prince
A Place Called Overflow

You will never experience God’s perfect will for your life if you arent willing to live in a place called Overflow.

Lessons doc(x) Benji Marshall
Sermon Title Slides – Photoshop Tutorial

I just started a youtube channel called "Seven Minute Fix" where in seven minutes, I will show you how to create great sermon slides for your student ministry! This first episode is for a message entitled "What’cha Got?" with Acts 3Read More…

Lessons, Online Resources, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Kris Prince
Sheaves For Christ Message – Notes

We recently ended our SFC campaign and I had the opportunity to launch it in our district. I have been asked by several friends for my notes, so I decided to share them here. You can use them now or for next year’s campaign. Feel free to change it up tRead More…

Missions, SFC, Sheaves For Christ
Fund Raising Ideas, Lessons pdf Amado Huizar
Run to Win

How many of you believe that we are in a race? All of us in this life are in a race to get to heaven. We are all trying to get to the finish line to see Jesus. This message with skit included shows how we cannot let the weights of this world and the siRead More…

Race, Sin, Weights, running
Drama / Skits, Lessons doc(x) Brandon Brosi
Rhetoric Cant Raise The Dead

How often do we speak empty words? How often do we just tell people what they want to hear instead of the truth? Its time we have the faith and believe we have the power in us to see miracles and wonders performed. We have the power of Jesus inside usRead More…

Faith, empty words, power, rhetoric, speech
Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf Anthony Roberts
Treasure Chests, Stones in the Sand, and Courtrooms

A short lesson on Forgiveness. Three stories were used in teaching this lesson. The first is included within the notes, of Mrs. Mapes. The second is the story of the woman caught in adultery and the last is an imaginary courtroom scene of us on trial bRead More…

Lessons PowerPoint Kris Prince
Getting Lost so the Young Could Survive

A short lesson on the necessity of youth to the church based off of the story of the children of Israel. A Powerpoint presentation is included.

Lessons PowerPoint Kris Prince
The Gods are Angry

A short lesson on sacrifice. Notes are included within the Powerpoint presentation.

Lessons PowerPoint Kris Prince

A short lesson on baggage using the story of Pilgrims Progress as a guide. A Powerpoint presentation is included and the last slide has notes for ideas on baggage or "weights of sin" to use. I used a suitcase with bricks that had these sins wRead More…

Lessons PowerPoint Kris Prince
Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

A short lesson on the using of the past. The story of Thomas Edison can be used explaining how many times he "failed" before finishing the light bulb. A Powerpoint presentation and two discussion questions are included.

Lessons PowerPoint Kris Prince
Thief in the Night

A short lesson on the "thief in the night" reference. Short true story of the Mona Lisa being stolen is included in the notes along with a Powerpoint presentation and discussion question.

Lessons PowerPoint Kris Prince
Not Such A Bad Idea

A short lesson on different types of faith. Includes key verses to accompany lesson and slides in Powerpoint (originally created in Keynote).

Lessons PowerPoint Kris Prince
We Are the Lighthouse, He is the Light

A short lesson on being the light of the world. Includes Short story to accompany lesson, one discussion question, and slides in Powerpoint (originally created in Keynote).

Lessons PowerPoint Kris Prince
Divided by the Word.

Teaching on the body, soul and spirit.

body, regeneration, soul, spirit
Lessons doc(x) Euraldo Browne
The Donkey, The Raven, and the Stone

We will never know all of the secrets that is in God’s creation. We can look through a microscope or just by the naked eye, the vastness of God’s handy work. God is full of surprises. God’s bio-mimicry.

God, bio-mimicry, creation
Lessons doc(x) Noah Ranniger
You Will Be Missed

If we do something that effects another, the domino effect takes place. As we live for God the devil tries to destroy us and that relationship we have. Satan wants us to commit spiritual suicide.

Spiritual Suicide, impact on others
Lessons doc(x) Noah Ranniger
Impacting Prayer

Short lesson I did on prayer.. we then prayed for roughly 30 minutes. Broke the prayer time into 3 segments, which seemed to make the kids focus easier on praying for certain things, rather than just let them pray for whatever.

Pray, Praying, Short Lesson, fasting
Lessons doc(x) John Braam