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A Walk to School

Very brief sermonette addressing the choices a child makes on the path of life during school.

Back to School
Lessons doc(x) Anthony Ingersoll
Daily Prayer Tracking Journal Page
Other doc(x) Nathaniel Allen
Where is your Faith

This is a short lesson on challenging students to figure out and find their faith in God.

Lessons doc(x) Philip Vannoy
Unto All and Upon All

Oneness material in a sermon format.

Lessons doc(x) Aaron Money
Living a Victorious LIfe as a Teen
Lessons doc(x) Sherry McNeily
Bible Reading Journals

Use this file to print our your own journals. You can use some artwork on the cover. (cover not included)

Other doc(x) Nicholas Delacruz
Bible Reading Journals

Use this file to print our your own journals. You can use some artwork on the cover. (cover not included)

Other doc(x) Nicholas Delacruz
Who Am I?

Pop Culture vs. Biblical HeritageWhich do our kids know better? This is a really fun, interactive crowdbreaker that serves as a devotion/sermon point.

Crowd-breakers, Lessons doc(x) Lindsey Hardin

These are some mini devotions that will hopefully uplift someones day.

Other doc(x) Nikki hunter
Little Red Devil Behind the Pearly White Gates (Series)

A four week series on the power of the tongue. Covering the dangers of the tongue, what concerning the tongue is sin (gossip, etc), and how to use the tongue for good. Not 100% original, some sources may not be cited (internet). Change as you see fit,Read More…

gossip, lying, sarcasm, talebearing, tongue
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg Johnathan Nazarian
Parental Consent Form

A form to get parental consent for going on a trip and to record insurance data.

attendance sheet
Forms doc(x) Shawn Murdock
God is Not a White Man

This was a great one night theme that we did. We used the music video “White Man” by the band Gungor as a launchpad to talk about the misconceptions most people have of God. Zipped File Contains: Lesson Notes Music Video Powerpoint Media Graphic HandouRead More…

God, Jesus, Lessons, Theme, White, service, song, video
Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg, mp4, pdf Derek Borders
Spiritual Demonstration in Student Ministry

Having a demonstration of the Spirit is what we must strive for as student leaders. Pushing to make sure our students can experience God.

Demonstration, move of the Spirit, spirit
Job Descriptions, Lessons doc(x) Joshua Carson
Support Cast "Building and Utilizing a Team"

Allowing a team mentality in Student Ministry.

Team, student leaders, support
Job Descriptions, Lessons doc(x) Joshua Carson
Strengthen and Solidify Pastoral Vision

Strengthen the Pastoral Vision in your ministry as a Student Pastor.

pastor, teaching, vision
Job Descriptions, Lessons doc(x) Joshua Carson
Streamline Proactive Student Ministry

Be proactive in leading and teaching.

proactive, student leaders, teaching
Job Descriptions doc(x) Joshua Carson
Synergize Small Groups

A small groups session about synergizing your life.

Togetherness, Unity, synergize
Lessons doc(x) Joshua Carson
Self Esteem Small Group

A small groups discussion about building positive self-esteem.

Lessons doc(x) Joshua Carson
Understanding Identity

Spiritual Identity/Gender Identity

Lessons doc(x) Joshua Carson
Accountability=Integrity Small Groups

Small Groups session on how accountability helps assist in the integrity of student life.

Small Groups, accountability, integrity
Lessons doc(x) Joshua Carson
Spaghetti Dinner

Great fundraising idea. You raise money and your church has an opportunity to fellowship together.

Spaghetti Dinner
Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Kristyn Meehan
Youth Committee Application

Application for individuals who may be interested in becoming a member of the student ministries team.

application, committee, workers
Forms, Other doc(x) Tom Noe
I need your Mercy


Other doc(x) Ashley Patterson
Things I Wish My Parents Knew

Survey on what is really going on with your youth and how they are interacting with their parents.

Survey, parents
Activities / Events, Lessons doc(x) Aaron Batchelor
Belk Charity Sale Fundraiser (easy money!)

Team up with your local Belk store to easily raise money for your non-profit or youth group.

belk, charity, fundraiser, sale
Fund Raising Ideas, Other doc(x) Will Culberson